Rajoy’s rogue state ramps up the repression, re-imprisoning five Catalan politicians

The rogue state within the European Union, Spain, has escalated the democratic crisis in Catalonia by re-imprisoning five Catalan politicians before they face trial on charges of sedition, rebellion and misuse of public funds for their political role in implementing the independence referendum of 1 October 2017. One further politician, Marta Rovira, did not appear before the Supreme court yesterday and has gone into exile.

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The prisoner addresses are on our home page – they need your support more than ever now.

There are now NINE Catalan political prisoners

  1. Jordi Cuixart i Navarro
  2. Jordi Sànchez Picanyol
  3. Oriol Junqueras i Vies
  4. Joaquim Forn Chiariello
  5. Dolors Bassa Coll
  6. Maria Carme Forcadell i Lluís
  7. Raül Romeva i Rueda
  8. Josep Rull i Andreu
  9. Jordi Turull i Negre

and SIX Catalan politician in exile

  1. Carles Puigdemont
  2. Meritxell Serret
  3. Antoni Comín
  4. Lluís Puig
  5. Clara Ponsatí
  6. Marta Rovira

It is reported that Spain has (re-)issued European Arrest Warrants for these exiles.

Roger Torrent appeals for a common front against authoritarianism in the Catalan parliament

Today’s sitting of the Catalan parliament was intended to be the second vote on the investiture of Jordi Turull as president, but after yesterday’s imprisonments became instead an appeal by presiding officer, Roger Torrent, for “a united front in defence of democracy and fundamental rights”. Making the appeal in the form of an institutional statement, he was joined on stage by representatives from Comuns, CUP, JxCat and ERC. Relatives of the newly imprisoned deputies were also in the chamber along with former presiding officers.

The escalation in violations of fundamental rights perpetrated by state institutions took a new step yesterday, unacceptable to all democrats…this is not a battle of flags, but of universal values.

Read the full English translation of Roger Torrent’s speech.