Imprisonment to be reviewed for the 10 prisoners at the Supreme Court on Friday (1 Dec)

Following the successful transfer of the cases against the 10 Catalan political prisoners to the jurisdiction of the Spanish Supreme Court, the defendants have been summoned to appear before the judge, Pablo Llarena (pictured), on Friday 1 December, so that the precautionary measures applied by the National Court can be reviewed. Many hope there is a good chance for release, given that the same judge granted bail in all the related cases against the Presiding Officer of the Catalan Parliament and four members of the Parliamentary Bureau.

We await Friday’s decision with fingers crossed for the prisoners and their families.


It is reported that after making their statements to the Supreme Court judge on the Friday morning (1 Dec 2017) each of the prisoners was taken back to prison. Judge Pablo Llarena will consider his decisions over the weekend, expected to be announced on Monday 4 December.

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