Benefit concert for the prisoners: 2 December 2017

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) have organised a stadium concert taking place on Saturday 2 December, in order to raise money for the Solidarity Fund (Caixa de la Solidaritat), used mainly to cover the huge legal fees incurred by the court proceedings and incarcerations. The families of the those imprisoned or in exile also have heavy travel costs to be met to see their loved ones.

The concert is expected to last at least 3 hours with 20 acts performing original and cover songs. Vice president of the ANC, Agustí Alcoberro, said “It’s important to generate activity to always dispose of the necessary money to deal with undesirable situations and to keep the level of mobilisation and tension around the existence of political prisoners, an absolutely abnormal situation.”

This is a big event to put together in such a short timescale and Linus Puchal, producer and member of the ANC, suggested the concert may be somewhat austere. In the circumstances, it is not appropriate to be “a big party”. Tickets are priced between €10 and €30.

The musical line-up is reported to include the following:

  • La Banda impossible
  • Doctor Prats
  • Oques Grasses
  • Itaca Band
  • Els Amics de les Arts
  • Elèctrica Dharma
  • Judit Neddermann
  • Paula Valls
  • Cesk Freixas
  • Bonobos
  • Eric Vinaixa
  • The Sey Sisters

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